Business Areas

Infant Food

Entrusted by Wahaha, the Edison infant formula is a high quality infant product specially developed and produced by Royal Numico N.V. in the Netherlands. The entire making process of the Edison infant formula Milk Powder from milk source, production, filling, to packaging, are all completed in the Netherlands, and so, it is a hundred percent purely imported product! Edison infant formula milk powder adopts a scientifically balanced nutrition formula to avoid excess in nutrition and malnutrition, thereby, ensuring infants’ absorption of the right amount of essential nutrients during their growth period. This unique formula is the most soothing, healthy, and of the highest quality, offering not only a well-balanced nutritional diet, but also easy to digest and promote infants' brain development.

Energy-saving Electronic Motors

Based on the material feeding motor operation of our beverage production line, Wahaha Group has developed the energy-saving direct-drive motor for the automated production line. Until now, we have completed a prototype for trial production and testing. Our initial plan is to implement the system internally, then, move towards serialized product R&D.

Liquor Industry

On Nov 5th, 2013, Hangzhou Wahaha Group held a press conference in Beijing. Zong Qinghou, the chairman and general manager of Wahaha group, declared the group’s official endeavor to liquor industry. This marks Wahaha’s new step in business diversification.

In the press conference, Wahaha Leading Maotai-Flavor Liquor was officially launched. It was a quality Maotai-flavor liquor produced in Maotai town, Guizhou. Luo Qifang, deputy party secretary of Zunyi and party secretary of Renhuai, Guizhou province, and Ji Keliang, honorary chairman of Maotai Company attended the press conference. Three national liquor experts were also invited to the press conference. Mr. Ji Keliang was glad to be the counselor of Wahaha’s new project. The strong support of guests also shows Wahaha’s confidence in exploring liquor industry.