International Business

Hangzhou Wahaha Import and Export Co. LTD.
Founded in 2010, Hangzhou Wahaha Import and Export Co., Ltd. was formerly the Import and Export Department of Wahaha. Adhering to the corporate strategies of “internationalization” and “going global”, the newly formed subsidiary bears the responsibilities of overseas marketing and brand building. It specializes on the promotion of Wahaha products in the international market while also creating and establishing a new brand image for Wahaha in foreign markets.

 Import & Export Business
The Import Department
The Importing department's main tasks involve the purchasing of raw materials (full / skim milk powder, frozen fruit juice, milk, whey protein, and others), a variety of advanced production lines, and necessary equipments from some of the best suppliers in the world such as, FONTERRA, FRIESLAND CAMPINA, CITROVITA, KRONES, DOMINO, HUSKY.
The Export Department
The Export department is mainly responsible for selling Wahaha's products and Wahaha's brand marketing. After nearly two decades of strenuous effort, nine major categories of products from Wahaha have been sold to more than thirty countries and regions in the world, with annual sales close to twenty million USD.

Products for Export

Green Tea Beverage
Keemun Black Tea Beverage
Oolong Tea Beverage
Green Tea with Mango Flavor Beverage
Green Tea with Apple Flavor Beverage
Black Tea with Lemon Flavor Beverage
Black Tea with Peach Flavor Beverage
Black Tea with Dark Plum Flavor Beverage
AD 100ml
AD 220ml

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