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Established in 1987, Wahaha has grown into a large food and beverage corporation with the independent capacity of R&D, manufacturing and sales. At our founding, we started with only 3 employees and a loan of 140000 yuan. In terms of output, currently we are the largest beverage company at home and a leading beverage company in the world. We have established 80 production bases and more than 180 subsidiaries in 29 provinces and municipalities so far, with an aggregate of 30000 employees and 40 billion yuan of total asset.

Our products include beverage, dairy products, canned food, infant formula, health care products, liquor, medicine and intelligent equipment, eight categories in total. To be more specific, our beverage products include bottled water, protein beverage (milk beverage, plant protein beverage, compound protein beverage), carbonated drinks, tea drinks, juices, coffee, plant drinks, flavored drinks, sports drink and etc., among which, the sales of bottled water, dairy drinks and canned mixed congee have maintained the number one market share in the domestic market for years.

Since twenty-nine years ago, driven by the continuous innovation in product, technology and marketing, we have kept a relentless momentum of rapid growth and development. For the past eighteen consecutive years, Wahaha has always been number one in the beverage industry in terms of all business performance indicators. Despite the difficult macroeconomic situation in 2015, we have maintained a stable development and our total tax payment reached 5.6 billion yuan.

 Wahaha has been listed as one of China top 500 enterprises, China top 500 manufacturers and China top 500 private enterprises. We are the largest and most promising beverage company in the China’s domestic market.