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Energy-saving Electronic Motors

With the rapid development of our economy, the energy problem is increasingly severe. Energy-saving has become an important requirement of all equipments. According to the survey of NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), electronic motor system accounts for 60% of the country’s total electricity consumption. The country’s capacity of electronic motors is about 700 million kW, with 150 million kW added each year. However, among these motors, the high-efficiency motors take less than 3 percent, far lagging behind foreign advanced countries.The efficiency of our country’s motors is 3% to 5% lower than the level of advanced countries, while the operating efficiency of the whole system is 10% to 20% lower. Therefore, to enhance the efficiency of motors and operating efficiency of the system is an urgent task for us.

For most small and medium-sized motors, speed reducer is needed for the driving process. Thus there are two ways to save energy: enhance the efficiency of motors and cut the energy consumption of driving process. At present, NDRC has released 4 catalogues of motors under the project of Promoting Energy-efficient Products for the Benefit of the People. But these motors are efficient from the perspective of enhancing efficiency itself, not from the perspective of cutting energy consumption in the driving process.We should consider the whole motor system for further energy-saving, such as simplify driving process and adopt direct driving, namely, eliminating the need for speed reducer and other driving mechanisms. In order to further save energy, Wahaha Group have carried out the R&D of energy-saving direct-drive motor.

Based on the material feeding motor operation of our beverage production line, Wahaha Group has developed the energy-saving direct-drive motor for the automated production line. Until now, we have completed a prototype for trial production and testing. Our initial plan is to implement the system internally, then, move towards serialized product R&D. Our energy-saving direct-drive motor combines the high power density and permanent magnet technology with the modern direct-drive technology, thereby, eliminating the need for unnecessary mechanisms, e.g. speed reducer. The end result is pure direct-driving which leads to higher efficiency (efficiency of over 80 percent and energy-savings of 15 to 30 percent). This kind of motor can be widely used on automated equipment for textiles, printing, packaging, as well as the metallurgical industry, plastic molding, and numeric control.