Wahaha Charity Foundation

In the past twenty-five years, Wahaha has made great effort on social welfare services and actively taken part in various kinds of charity events. Wahaha has given away a total of 360 million RMB in charitable donations since our establishment, among which above 230 million RMB is in the academic field. For better focusing on charity, Wahaha injected 10 million RMB to establish Zhejiang Wahaha Charity Foundation (non-public charitable foundation) on June 1st 2009. Wahaha Charity Foundation always upholds the public welfare concept of "serving the country through industrial development, benefiting the society, and spreading love everywhere”.

Zhejiang University's Fuli Food Research Institute
In 2012, the president of Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., Ltd, Ms. Zong Fu Li, donated 70 million RMB to Zhejiang University in order to establish the “Educational funding for Zhejiang University's Fuli Food Research Institute”. The primary intent of setting up the institute is to benefit the whole industry and not just the enterprise. Although Ms. Zong Fu Li is a young entrepreneur born in the 80's, she bases all her ideals and hopes in the food industry upon this research institute.

Nutrition Express – Warm Shelter Campaign
In May of 2012, as a collaborative effort, Wahaha Group and China's Foundation for the Alleviation of Poverty officially commenced the “Nutrition Express – Warm Shelter Campaign”. Since June of 2012, for every bottle of Nutrition Express sold, Wahaha will donate one penny in the construction of students dormitories in poverty-stricken areas. On every bottle of Nutrition Express, there is a section on the label containing information regarding this charity movement, informing the public and getting people to join in on our noble cause.

Spring Breeze Action

Since the start of it in 2000, Wahaha has continually taken part in it and supported it, helping impoverished families in their work and lives. From 2009 to 2012, we contributed 5 million RMB each year consecutively. From 2013 to 2014, we increased the amount to 10 million RMB each year. By far, Wahaha has donated over 44.6 million RMB to “Spring Breeze Action”, making Wahaha the top contributor of the event. This is our honor as well as our repayment to the local people for their kindness to us.

Disaster Relief

For 26 years, Wahaha Group has donated over 56 million RMB to various disaster reliefs, mainly for droughts, flooding, earthquakes and etc.