Care to the Employees

The core of Wahaha's corporate culture is Family  Culture. 

'Uniting small family of individuals, develop large family of teams, and serve the country as a general family', this is Wahaha’s management philosophy. "Small family" refers to individual employees, 'Large Family' refers to enterprises as teams, and 'Country', unsurprisingly, refers to our country and our society. Wahaha strongly believes the combined strength of each employee is the premise for successful development. Developing the 'Large Family' corresponds to development of the enterprise. The unity of every employee better serves the development of the enterprise. And in return, the development of the enterprise guarantees the livelihood of employees. Furthermore, the continuous development of the enterprise provides a stage for the employees to demonstrate their abilities. To serve the country means the enterprise should have a sense of social responsibility and actively take on the role of being socially responsible.


Staff Benefits
For more than twenty years, Wahaha continually raised staff income levels. In 1999, proceeding the management reform, all employees became shareholders of Wahaha and received dividends as a way of benefiting from the considerable gains obtained through the growth of the enterprise. Presently, our employees income has skyrocketed more than 100 times since the beginning of our foundation. The rate of increase in our employees income level is also much higher compared to the national average.

Staff's Growth
Wahaha developed over 200 training courses based on the actual demands of managerial staff, technical professionals, and production line workers. These courses cover the major functions of our operations and greatly improves our staff’s capabilities. The various types of training ensures 100 percent coverage including overseas training, professional technical training, certification training, and on-site training. In addition to fully utilizing our internal training programs, under the "send-out and invite-in" strategy, Wahaha dispatched nearly 450 employees to receive foreign external training in 2008.

Care to our Employees
In order to ensure harmonious development, caring for our staff is one of the quintessential factors. Every year, Wahaha meticulously prepares all sorts of cheerful events during Chinese New Years. These events include the "Thousand People's Banquet on Chinese New Years Eve", the Spring Festival Party, and other exciting events in Wahaha's headquarter city of Hangzhou, dedicated to our non-local workers and intellectual staff. Wahaha has even composed a heart-warming song called "Spring Breeze" for this special occasion.