Quality and Safety


Being China's largest beverage producer, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. strictly follows national laws and regulations in terms of food production and execution of business activities.Over the years, the group has shaped a culture of "Credit, safety, innovation, and assurance". Our compliance consists of a continuous improvement on technology and management, insurance of high quality and safety of Wahaha products, and thereby a trusted brand to consumers.

Quality Concept
The survival and success of an enterprise depends on the basic moral standards of honesty and the protection of consumers’ legitimate interests. Since the first day of establishment, Wahaha persists in management integrity and seesthe product quality as itscore competitiveness. Wahaha makes absolutely certain that every single item from its production line is healthy and safe, which has paid off with an outstanding and rapid development. By strengthening our faith on credit, food quality and safety, and independent innovation, our products represent Wahaha's corporate conscience, social trustworthiness and customer reassurance, ultimately becoming the norm of high quality products in China's food industry.

Advanced Equipments and Technology
Over the years, Wahaha has founded national enterprise technology centers and research institutes with above 300 professional scientific research personnel titledPh. D, Master, or Bachelor. The analysis centers of our institutes were approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNAS) and possess a great number of world-class analytical instruments for scientific research and testing.

Supplier's Quality Management
Supplier's quality management is an important part of Wahaha’s quality management system. It aims to provide safe and high quality raw materials and to reduce the risk inputs related to quality and safety.Wahaha requires all of its suppliers to provide high-quality products that are safe and conform with national laws and regulations. Our suppliers must also have an effective quality system execution to ensure continuous supply of high-quality products and services to Wahaha.

Production Process Guarantee
Take our “Nutrition Express” for example, the entire production process is divided into seven major procedures with a total of 183 control points. Every single procedure is being monitored by this vast network of control points. And the production line alone has 35 individual control points.

Quality Management System's Construction
According to the legal provisions from the "Food Safety Law" and based on the original quality management regulations, Wahaha revised a total of 17 food safety management regulations including the purchase inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, production process controls, finished goods inspection, supplier certification management, and food recall management. In doing so, Wahaha assures the overall implementation of the "Food Safety Law" within the enterprise.