Industry Serving the Country

In the past 26 years, Wahaha has maintained a sound and rapid development by way of technical and marketing innovations. In 2013, the global economic development was getting more complex and harsh. Despite the negtive impact of the glocal economic turmoil, Wahaha still managed to perfom exceedingly well. By the end of 2013, the operatin revenue reached 78.3 billion RMB. The gross profit before tax reached 13.93 billion RMB and tax payment increased by 7.96% to 6.2 billion RMB.

Being an advantageous enterprise in the eastern part of China who was first to flourish through the cultivation and support by the government, Wahaha is fully aware of the responsibilities and obligations that it must fulfill. Such vital task involves assisting the rejuvenation of China, both east and west, by eliminating poverty sharing the country's burden, and ultimately, stepping onto the road of common prosperity together.

Employment Creation and Tax Payment
After two decades of development, Wahaha has become a leading beverage enterprise with annual production value reaching billions in RMB. It also provides employment for some 30,000 workers, among which, over 80 percent comes from less-developed rural areas.

Supporting the Western Areas and the Agriculture
Whether it is Wahaha's first non-local branch “Fuling Company” or any other branches such as the ones in Guangyuan, Hong'an, and Suqian, all of them have achieved outstanding economic benefits. They succeeded by relying on Wahaha's advanced technology as well as its product and brand advantage. In addition, their success contributed to the development of local industries in terms of packaging, transport, agriculture, and so on.