Scientific and Technological Innovation

In terms of Wahaha's long term development, we understand very well that the progress of scientific research is one of the key factors to the successful development of an enterprise. Likewise, reinforcing the construction of software and hardware for research and analysis will also provide effective technical support for the smooth implementation of various food safety regulations. Over the years, Wahaha has created national enterprise technology centers and research institutes with above 300 professional scientific research personnel comprised of Ph. D's, Masters, and Bachelors. Our institute's own analysis centers are approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNAS) and has, in their possession, a large number of world-class analytical instruments used to provide technical assurance of scientific research and testing.

National Enterprise Technical Center
In 1993, Wahaha began investing in the establishment of research centers and injected an initial capital of 30 million RMB. From then on, total investments have reached 400 million RMB for the establishment of necessary software and hardware. Later on in 2006, Wahaha established a comprehensive enterprise research institute containing various fields of study, including technical development, product innovation, and the research of technological development strategy for the enterprise.

National Laboratory: Wahaha's Analysis Center
Since 2005, Wahaha's analysis center have established more than 200 food testing indexes and methods approved and certificated by CNAS. It also has world-class analytical detection equipments worth 50 million RMB. The center pays great attention to emerging international and domestic food safety issues, and is fully capable of rapidly establishing means to detect new hazards (Sudan red, melamine, plasticizer, Cr, and etc.) in foods.

Independent R&D of Beverage Products to Fill Market Vacancies
In recent years, Wahaha series of products have received, on numerous occasions, national and province-level honorary awards. These include awards for progress in science and technology and for newly developed products. To name a few, Wahaha’s “Nutrition Express" juice and milk beverage, "Shuang Wai Wai" pro-biotic fermented yogurt, "Da Chu Yi" (superb cuisine) for nutritious wet noodles, "Health Herbal Tea", "Future Coffee Coke", "Honey Fruit Tea”, "Pomegranate Juice", and many more. All of our new products passed provincial assessments and received appraisals of either "filling domestic market vacancies" or "domestic advanced standards".

Actively Solving the Bottleneck Problem of the Industry's Technological Development
Wahaha was the first to launch on the Ultra-Clean Hot Filling (UCHF) technology in the world, solving the international difficulties of filling neutral milk based beverages in PET bottle. This revolutionary technology greatly reduced the investment in production equipments for neutral milk based beverage, saving a large amount of foreign exchanges not only for the company but for the nation as well.

Participation in the Drafting of International and National Standards
In recent years, as the leading enterprise and technical representative in the domestic food and beverage industry, Wahaha actively participates in the drafting and revision of international, national, and industry standards, as well as national laws and regulations. We play an important role in these matters, fully reflecting our important status and the right to speak on the establishment of food standards and regulations.