Wahaha is determined to build a long-lasting business and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the future, Wahaha will closely unite under the leadership of the CPC Party Committee led by President Xi Jinping, adhere to the principle of “keeping confidence in China’s chosen path, guiding theories, political system and Chinese culture”, march towards the goal of developing advanced manufacturing industry, upgrade the main products, enter into the high-tech industries, and building world-class beverage brand.

1. Core Products UpgradesWith the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of sufferers from high blood glucose, high blood pressure, high plasma lipid and other chronic diseases is growing dramatically. This leads to people’s change in attitudes toward food choice, which makes it necessary that more than merely safe, beverage should be health-promoting and nutrition-oriented. Thus, Wahaha makes transformations proactively and accelerates industrial upgrades to make the main business bigger and greater. Specifically, the enterprise has founded Biology Engineering Research Constitute and constructed Biology Engineering Chinese Medicine Food Therapy to follow the health-and-nutrition focused food trends on the basis of biology engineering and Chinese medicine food therapy, and to meet consumers’ long-life demand and satisfy their new and higher requirements via developing probiotics as well as functional food and beverage developed based on Chinese medicine food therapy.

2. Developing high-tech industries In response to the rapid progress of intelligent manufacturing revolution, Wahaha, on the basis of the original precision machinery plants and the Mechatronics Research Academe, develops new industries around the equipment manufacturing industry. With a particular focus on the research and development of robots, we try to promote the localization of the core components and reduce the cost of the robots to face the challenge that most core components of robot are dependent on import and are costly. At the same time, the company has also made extensive efforts in the integration of robot systems, high-end servo motors, servo drives, machine vision systems, sensors and other related R & D areas to promote the enterprise in the field of intelligent technology and industrialization development.