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FULI Institute of Food Research in Zhejiang University Inaugurated
Monday,August 20,2012




Recently, Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University experienced a grand event: Kelly Zong, the president of Hangzhou Hongsheng Beverage Group Co., LTD, donated 70million RMB to Zhejiang University Education Foundation to set up the'Education Foundation of FULI Institute of Food Research in Zhejiang University', which is used to build 'FULI Institute of Food Research in Zhejiang University'. 
Kelly Zong said, 'I do this not for the company, but for food industry, which is the intention to set up FULI Institute of Food Research in Zhejiang University.'Born in the 80’s, this young entrepreneur places her ideal and expectation for food industry on the aim of this institute: support research and development in nutrition and safety areas of food subjects, cultivate professional high-end talents for China’s food industry, improve Chinese food industry’s international prestige and impact.
Institute’s major research directions include: basic theory research and new technology R&D for food resource utilization, food and human nutrition, in-depth development of functional food resources and research of functional control, food safety and risk assessment.