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Wahaha's 25th Anniversary Celebration
Friday,November 30,2012

Wahaha is 25 years old now!The guests of our celebration on Nov. 29 include more than 10,000 staff representatives from all over the country, over 10,000 dealers, officials from state commerce department, Zhejiang provincial goverment and Hangzhou municipal goverment, and foreign diplomatic envoys from America, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Samoa and other countries . All of them have expressed their sincere wishes to Wahaha’s 25th anniversary.

When Zong Qinghou was 42 years old, he built up Wahaha from nothing and started his arduous pioneering in 1987. 25 years later, he is known as 'The King of Soft Drinks' of China and Wahaha brand has become the most famous national brand, accompanying the growth of a whole generation. Wahaha Group has also become China’s biggest and a world-leading beverage enterprise. Until now, Wahaha’s performance indicators have topped the list in China’s beverage industry for the past 14 years.  
'People are young and at the starting point of life and career when they are 25, so does Wahaha.' Mr. Zong is full of confidence in Wahaha’s future. He said, Wahaha is moving steadily towards its goal, namely, exceeding 100 billion in turnover within 3-5 years and stepping into the world’s top 500 enterprises as soon as possible. We will also strive to build Wahaha as the global brand of Chinese nation, forge a remarkable and everlasting enterprise and produce a more brilliant future!