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Wahaha won the award of “the Premium Sponsor of G20 Summit”
Monday,September 26,2016

On Sep 28th, the Awards Ceremony of G20 Summit was held at Hangzhou International Expo Center. Due to its contribution to the G20, Wahaha was awarded “the Premium Sponsor of G20 Summit”, the highest level of award for sponsors. Wahaha’s 550ML Diamond Bottled Water and 19L Barreled Water were awarded the designated products of the G20 Summit. As the highest level of international conference held in China, G20 Summit has demonstrated the special charm of Hangzhou to the world.

As the representative of Hangzhou local enterprises, Wahaha has also demonstrated its charm as a leading beverage company. In order to guarantee the successful holding of the summit, Wahaha has provided more than 7 million bottles of Diamond Water and 1350 Barrels of 19L Water to the Summit. These products were delivered to the organizing institutions of G20 from 80 distribution sites, serving about 100,000 personnel. G20 organizing committee gave high praises to Wahaha’s products. According to them, Wahaha’s products are very reliable, with punctuated delivery, meticulous service and effective communication; and thus made great contribution to the summit.