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Hangzhou Wahaha Import and Export Co. LTD.

Founded in May 2010, Hangzhou Wahaha Import and Export Co., Ltd. provided the relative business services to Wahaha Group and Hongsheng Beverage Group. It upheld "Passion, Responsibility, Profession and Innovation" as the company's values, and covered the business of import and export, being agent for import and export, trans-port and cross border bonded trade, international finance and the design of functions of all-supply chain services, bulk raw materials international trade and so on. Wahaha keeps long-term strategic cooperative relations with the global procurement suppliers (FT, OCD, HILMAR, etc.), and the International Shipping Company (MAERSK, COSCO, MSC, etc.). At present, the import category mainly covers milk as raw materials (whole fat/skim milk powder, whey protein), plastic particles (polyethylene), frozen fruit juice, additives, and beverage production line equipment and testing equipment, while the export focuses on the newly launched tea drinks for the overseas markets including: fruit ice tea, pure flavor tea, and organic tea series.


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